Kantar Consulting’s latest rankings of the top global retailers show stability among the top three and a shakeup between Kroger and Schwarz Group to round out the top five. The rankings also highlight projected growth for retailers like Aldi and JD.com — a retailer that jumped three spots since our mid-year ranking.

In addition to the 2018 retail sales estimates, the biannual rankings highlight the current store footprint, the 2023 sales outlook and the percent of sales outside of the retailer’s home market. Rankings are 2018 estimates based on year-to-date 2018 results, primarily reported in September/October, and include five-year sales projections for each retailer.

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Drill down into U.S. retailers to see who made the cut and if they are maintaining their path to retail sales growth.

A Look Back at the Mid-Year Rankings

In the U.S., Amazon knocked Kroger out of the #2 spot. Globally, Alibaba jumped 10 spots ahead of where they landed in 2017.

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