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Be Your Best More Often – Part 4

In this new 5-part series, we look at the role some of the foundational commercial processes that manufacturers and brands use to manage relationships with their most important retail customers, and how these are helping businesses to be their best.

Today we look at the critical piece that any tool brings to a process is consistency. And all the design, ideation, analysis and strategy in the world comes apart when the work is not executed well. That means the last critical linkage in “being your best” is to make sure the planning tools loop iteratively with tools that measure and manage compliance.

Our Perfect Category work ensures that the work that goes into shelf and promotional planning can be properly evaluated – the age-old question of whether the promotion did not work because it was a bad idea or because it was not executed properly can be answered.

Theoretically, the ability to more often be your best involves bringing the right solutions to more problems by being able to tailor solutions more specifically to opportunities.

For instance, in assortment management, the ability to bring analytics and automation to the planogram development process will lead to more stores having perfect assortments for their trading area, and advanced analytics will play a critical role in making sure that the assortment an eCommerce shopper sees is as tailored to them and their specific query as possible. In online, we think the phrase “assortment prioritization” is a better way to think about the problem than “assortment management”, given how dynamic the presentation of the category is to the shopper.

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