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Future Proof Your Business with VR Testing

The COVID-19 health crisis will have both immediate and lasting effects on the way we live, socialize and do business. Manufacturers and retailers are already beginning to confront a number of challenges. Supply chains have come under strain as consumers react to limited amounts of information.  At grocery stores and supermarkets, stock-outs of key staples such as paper goods are proof of new purchase motivations—and the uncertainty ahead.

These circumstances are also translating into challenges for teams and daily work streams.  With impending travel bans and enforced social distancing, in-person activity is no longer an option.  For in-person shopper research programmes the challenges of central or in-store testing are obvious.

Those who have been planning digital strategies, like Kroger, may find themselves ahead of the curve. Others can pivot quickly to turnkey offerings such as Virtual Testing to meet immediate and future business needs.

Through Virtual Testing manufacturers and retailers can allow shoppers to interact with in-store and e-commerce environments in the safety of their own homes.  Many of the world’s leading CPG manufacturers have been using virtual experiences to test product, aisle assortments and adjacencies, POS and more.  This method provides quantitative data that helps insights and category teams quickly obtain shopper motivations and desires in half the time and resources than traditional methods.

Watch the video below to learn how virtual testing can help maintain business continuity for you and your retail partners.  Or contact us for a free demo today.

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