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Broadcast television’s Premier Week reported a new low in viewers aged 18-49, down 12% from a year ago – and a whopping 43% decline from five years ago. The impact of streaming technology, coupled with consumer desire for more control over when and what they watch is having a huge impact on network TV and advertisers as well. So what’s your media plan to find Affluent, Active TV watchers in an age of binge-watching and streaming channels? Kantar used its U.S. MONITOR data to identify the most desirable TV watchers (adults with an annual household income of $75k+ who binge watch at least weekly, and use digital technology while watching TV to post reviews and purchase products online that they see advertised), and uncovered core motivations that set them apart using MotiveMix®.  Our insights revealed these trend-setting, style-conscious influencers are active shoppers while watching TV and uncovered which markets have a higher share of these consumers.  Advertisers can use these insights and MotiveMix’s digital audience platform to locate and connect to them more successfully. Download our MotiveMix Activation Card on Affluent Active TV Watchers and contact one of our experts to find out how you can re-target your media plan more effectively.

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