May 16, 2018


Get the details behind our updated data

For many, the reality of today’s retail environment is one of data overload and uncertainty. At Kantar Consulting, we take pride not only in the comprehensiveness and accuracy of our retail data and forecasts, but also in our ability to derive focused, strategic insights from them.

While we regularly track and revise our forecasts to provide clients with the most accurate and up-to-date views of the industry, we also conduct a twice-yearly data audit and update that includes rolling our forecasts forward by one year. As we do every year, our spring data forecast update will debut at our Planning Conference. Ahead of this debut, we are excited to release — for the first time — the high-level assumptions driving our latest U.S. retail forecast.

In the spirit of infusing more insight and value into all we do, this is a report we plan to publish in advance of every major U.S. forecasting update in the future. Simply put, if your role demands attention to where the retail industry or specific formats and retailers are heading, this is the read for you.

A strong, collective efforts goes into every major forecasting update we do, and this report highlights inputs from across our team. For questions about specific macro, channel/format, or retailer-level assumptions, please contact me directly, and join us in Boston for our Planning Conference to meet the analysts behind our forecasts and to catch the big reveal of our latest data.

For more information, please contact:

Sara Al-Tukhaim, Senior Vice President