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Now in its fifth year, Prime Day 2019 is pushing the boundaries of what an online shopping experience should be while driving value for shoppers throughout the entire Amazon ecosystem. Our experts are on-hand to offer insight into key themes, competitive initiatives, supplier implications, and more.

One more day of new, incredible Prime Day deals

Walmart pushes The Big Save
during Prime Day

Home Depot focuses on everyday value
during Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day 2019:
Prime Day in India

Amazon Prime Day 2019:
The Power of Celebrity

Amazon Prime Day 2019:
Encouraging Frequency of Shop

Prime Day Launches & Device Deals
Dominate Day 1

How has Amazon elevated Prime Day in 2019?

Prime Day has arrived

Getting Primed for Prime Day

The Primary Objective of Prime Day

Experts in the News

“While Prime Day is an opportunity for Amazon to encourage more ad spending, businesses are using it strategically, by promoting exclusive offers or launch products.” – Read the excerpt with Malcolm Pinkerton and CNBC.

“Prime Day started as a retail-focused holiday, and that’s still the core of it, but now it’s also a way to bring value and to present Prime shoppers with everything that Prime has to offer. It’s much more of a loyalty play at this point.” – Read the full interview with Alice Fournier and Retail Dive.

“Amazon is looking to showcase their position at the intersection of shopping and entertainment.” Watch Alice Fournier discuss Prime Day with Yahoo Finance.


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