The automotive industry is undergoing an unprecedented period of change. Innovations such as electrification, autonomous vehicles, and in car data will fundamentally change the mobility experience. At the same time, our expectations as consumers are changing, too.

We’re looking for providers who are more seamless, sustainable, and convenient than ever before. And the way we purchase, and access mobility will change too, challenging traditional distribution models.

All of this is a challenge for the industry. Legacy business models are being overturned, and legacy mindsets need rewiring.

Questions we help you answer

What business are we in today and what business will we be in tomorrow?
How do I evolve my business model in this environment?
How do we recruit and retain the right talent in an industry changing exponentially?
Are we delivering the right mobility solutions in the right place and at the right time?
What new distribution models could we use?
Does our brand still appeal to the right audiences?
How do we approach innovation in a category that is changing radically?
Is our brand represented consistently across channels?

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