Consumer, digital, environmental and social disruption is fundamentally changing financial services. Many financial services organisations recognize that the status quo is not sustainable. To grow and protect their position, firms need to evolve and reimagine their business and their customer engagement.

Kantar Consulting specialises in identifying the commercial impact of these disruptive forces allied with a deep understanding of the financial services industry. We provide solutions for financial services clients to navigate these forces through an integrated strategy, brand, marketing and segmentation offering. We embed the strategy in the business – we work with clients beyond pure strategic thinking.

We can help you to craft and deliver a unique and coherent brand purpose, organise and build the right capabilities to enable marketing led growth in this new paradigm and devise brand strategies designed to seize next generation opportunities.

Questions we help you answer


• How do we evolve our marketing model in this environment?

• Where to Play, Channel Strategy


• What is the societal purpose of our organisation?

• How can we deliver our purpose profitably?


• Does our brand appeal to the right audiences?

• How can we better see the world through the eyes of our customers?


• How do we organise to be best equipped to seize growth opportunities?

• How do we build the right capabilities to deliver marketing leadership in the new paradigm?

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