Industries we serve


Since the mid-20th century, the automotive industry has driven notions of status, freedom, the way we work and play, and even the built the environment and infrastructure of many countries. Automotive companies were some of the most iconic corporations of the twentieth century. But the story of mobility is changing at top speed. Disruptive new technologies and business approaches abound. Untapped consumers in emerging markets and rising affluence in developed markets, once represented a certain future for the automotive giants.


Now consumer behaviour leapfrogs from vehicle ownership to vehicle access, new technology is replacing the joy of driving with the ease of being driven, and the regulatory environment becomes more complex than ever. We help major players in the sector ensure they stay influential and fit for the future, identifying the big bets they need to move forward, and the strategies to adopt to remain relevant. And we support innovative new entrants as they re-define what it means to be on the move.  

Challenges we address


    Younger audiences care less about cars and the category

    Consumers are worried about the negative effect cars have on their environment

    People want to access the benefits of mobility without buying a car


    Exploring new business models e.g. rent not own

    Taking advantage of the shift to new electric vehicles

    Unlocking the next generation of car dealers


    New competitive threats & disruptors from non-traditional sources e.g. Tech companies


    Legacy organizational structures & systems

    Challenges in recruiting and retaining leading and diverse talent


    Cyber security

    Privacy and data as currency


    Tightening regulatory environment

    Growing social impact opportunity

    Impact on brand perception and brand value


    Autonomous Vehicles

    Electric Vehicles

    Technology to facilitate ride sharing