Industries we serve


Business to Business sales and marketing has evolved at a remarkable pace in the last 10 years as companies continue to seek innovative ways to grow in an intensely competitive environment. Customers continue to seek savings and efficiencies whilst vendors seek to grow margins. This apparent disconnect has driven B2B companies to reconsider how best to engage with their customers when relationships are more complex and no longer the sole remit of the sales function. Customer understanding based on deep insights and delivering a differentiated customer experience are now recognized as a winning approach to delivering profitable solutions that build long term, more collaborative relationships. This has led B2B companies to re-think their brand/value proposition, their route to market and the capability needs of the entire organisation to deliver this experience consistently. Kantar Consulting helps B2B companies identify and develop their own approach to winning in this competitive environment.

Challenges we address


    How to build the relevance of your brand with users further along the value chain (secondary customers / consumers) with whom you don’t always have a direct relationship?


    How to maintain or grow margins in a cost led environment where productivity savings and annual cost reduction is the mantra of your customers’ procurement function?

    How to grow share of wallet with key global customers?


    Differentiating brand experience

    Increased competition from global and local players

    Global consolidation leading to margin pressure


    Delivering a relevant and consistent total brand experience with all stakeholders that drive loyalty and long term value

    How to equip my team with world class capabilities to deliver a differentiated customer experience?


    Data security


    Increasing focus on technology to ensure regulatory compliance (product quality)

    Corporate Social Responsibility and leading rather than complying with regulatory changes


    How do we influence purchase decisions of our self-educating customers through digital channels?