Industries we serve

Financial services

The financial services industry and the broad range of money management services is facing an array of unprecedented regulatory, technological, attitudinal and market-driven challenges. They also have opportunities for growth. The stark disparity between the haves and the have nots is creating more diverse expectations for engaging, marketing, selling, and serving customers. The internet has led consumers to demand a seamless financial services experience, at the lowest cost and the highest value. In a world of financial meltdowns and data breaches, consumers fear that businesses, especially financial institutions, will take advantage of them and fail to protect their information. With the rise of ubiquitous connectivity and customisation, the source of competitive advantage for financial businesses today is increasingly the overall customer experience.


We help financial services clients succeed in the face of these and other challenges while taking advantage of the new growth opportunities they represent. We co-create their unique vision, brand purpose and associated brand strategy; discover and activate on next generation innovation opportunities; create successful consumer connections and develop effective go-to-market strategies for their products and services today and in the future.

Challenges we address


    Shifting attitudes toward loyalty

    A lack of trust in financial services institutions

    Shifting influence over financial decisions

    Changing lifestyles

    Growing economic inequality

    Augmented customer experience

    Lack of differentiation


    Finding new sources of growth

    The global economy


    New competitive threats & disruptors


    Legacy organisational structures & systems

    Challenges in recruiting leading talent




    Changing regulatory environment


    The rise of fintech

    AI & the future of customer service

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