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Health & wellness

The healthcare industry is under massive pressure with rising costs, regulations and industry consolidation. In addition, the balance of power is shifting to consumers who are more empowered to take control of their health and are being influenced by their experience in other industries - demanding simplicity, personalisation and self-service solutions. However, most healthcare companies are still operating in traditional go to market models and haven't balanced investment, resources and execution to account for the changes in the consumer and market landscape.  Kantar Consulting helps healthcare companies understand these market forces, where to place bets and best practices to execute.    

Challenges we address


    Rise of proactive and preventive health strategies

    Increasing information surrounding healthy nutrition

    Rising impact of personalized health and the human genome

    Breaking down of traditional healthcare systems

    Growing burden of healthcare costs


    Combatting the patent cliff: How to innovate beyond product formulation to drive growth

    Stretching into new territories along the value chain: across prevention - diagnosis – treatment – monitoring

    Driving differentiation through Brand in a generics market


    Increased M&A and vertical integration

    Rising importance of patient touchpoints beyond the HCP

    Increasing Healthcare costs


    How to break down internal silos and deliver a consistent, multi-channel patient experience

    Migrating to a patient-centric model, mind-set and culture


    Big data’s growing impact on health

    Declining trust in traditional sources of information and authority

    Rise of pandemics


    Highly restrictive environments for promotion and communication

    Uncertainty and changing healthcare regulations