Industries we serve


Technology has fundamentally changed how people live, work and play. Industry titans and disruptive start-ups alike are redefining not only what brands, products, and services people want in their lives but also how people make decisions. Innovative business models continue to reinvent how people communicate, purchase and consume. The growth of on-demand services, automation, and AI-powered interfaces has enabled breakthrough experiences that have elevated consumer and business decision-maker expectations, challenging long-standing notions of what it takes to be an iconic and trusted brand.


Accelerated technology adoption cycles have made staying relevant with consumers and business decision-makers more challenging than ever; the increasing complexity of the tech ecosystem has made building and scaling meaningful brands, products, and services that can stand the test of time increasingly difficult. We help major players build strategies and marketing organizations that equip them for increasingly volatile and uncertain futures. And we support innovative disruptors as they redefine existing categories and shape the industries of tomorrow.  

Challenges we address


    Generational divides create purchase power struggle

    Exponentially increasing CX expectations

    Fragmented tech integration into daily life

    New generation of B2B decision-makers


    Findings new sources of growth in slow-growth economy

    Defining and scaling new categories and applications

    B2B and B2C synergies

    Unlocking next tier of markets


    Rapid commoditization of technology

    New competitive threats & disruptors from non-traditional sources

    Vertical and horizontal integration as competitive advantages


    Legacy organizational structures & systems

    Challenges in recruiting and retaining leading and diverse talent



    Device security

    Privacy and data as currency

    Proliferation of digital assets


    Volatile regulatory environment

    Growing social impact opportunity

    Impact on brand perception and brand value