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    Brands live in the hearts and minds of consumers. Who wouldn’t want to be involved in working to develop something as powerful as that? I get to work on some of the world’s most high profile brands. And take a point of view on a variety of marketing challenges whilst helping to innovate new product solutions. There’s nothing like a normal day in the office.

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    San Francisco

    This job makes it easy to be a morning person. There’s always something new to do, learn, try – new challenges to tackle, ideas to bring to life, and experiences to have. My three years here have been defined by these challenges, and by the inspiring colleagues and novel opportunities that surround me.

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    The work is always exciting and surprising. I get to tackle a wide array of topics from the components of an iconic brand, to what the world will be for Millennials in 2020.

    The world around us is changing fast and I like the idea that my work at Kantar Consulting  contributes to understanding, and sometimes shaping, tomorrow’s world.

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    Chapel Hill

    I’m driven by an intense curiosity about the world, its systems, and the rules that we play by – curiosity that has shown me how susceptible our world is to disruption. Kantar Consulting is an intellectually stimulating community that’s also driven by curiosity; a community of thinkers and doers who inspire each other daily.

  • Trevor_Horan_Headshot.png

    Trevor Horan

    New York

    At Kantar Consulting, all of our work revolves around answering the central business question of ‘how do we grow’ for the biggest companies in the world.  For me, the constant need to reinvent the way we think about growth is what makes this job so exciting!  

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    Being part of a new kind of consultancy is exciting. I put this down to Kantar Consulting being a place fuelled by exciting people: people who crowdsource for skills, dip their feet into new thinking, and share their own expertise to deliver bigger, bolder and better results for clients.

  • Panos.png



    Cultural Insight is not just another research methodology. We look for the deep and hidden meanings behind branding and culture. Unmasking such cultural truths requires an approach of self-awareness and honesty. So being myself at work is inextricably linked with the very nature of producing cultural insight, or any insight for that matter.

  • Lee B.png



    It’s not just that Virtual Reality is cool!  The unprecedented changes in shopping behaviour dictate that only the most innovative players will survive and thrive.  VR enables companies to build, research and collaborate on new ideas faster than ever before.  It’s great to work with clients that are willing to innovate at pace.  

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    Cultural Insight gives me a fresh angle on branding strategy, by tapping into the essence of cultural trends. At the same time, it motivates me to truly understand various cultural phenomena across the world. Being part of this team not only enhances my skills but also brings me joy, thanks to the amazing multi-dimensional cultural world.

  • Constance2.jpg



    Doing brand strategy and consumer insight is awesome because I get to explore consumers and what they deeply want, fear, and hope, which is fascinating! Doing it at Kantar Consulting is even better because we have the expertise, tools and people that enable us to compare cultural dynamics across markets, exchange points of view, and deliver a complete picture to our clients.

  • Eva.jpg



    I’m delighted to be a member of Kantar Consulting. The people are intelligent and brilliant, providing clients with data, insight, creative, digital, analytics, and an end-to-end suite of marketing and sales services. I am lucky to work across different industries and functions, gaining a deep understanding of what is happening in various markets.