IKEA Group and Kantar Consulting – Press Release

How Data is Reinventing the Flatpack Empire: Cannes Lions 2018

IKEA has always been a company with a very human purpose at its heart – to create a better
everyday life for the many people. This focus has guided us to make sure that everything we do,
from our designs to our shopping experience to our marketing is born out of real human insight.
And, like every organization around the world, we now find ourselves in the midst of a revolution in
insight, being brought about by data, a revolution we at IKEA Group are keen to join. At the 2018
Cannes Lions, this week, we have shared the progress we have already made and a new area we are
starting to look at.

Partnering with Kantar Consulting, our data consulting partner, IKEA Group has explored innovative
ways of weaving multiple data sources together, traditional survey plus digital and media DMPs to
create a truly three-dimensional picture of our audiences. Voluntary cookie tracking has allowed us
to observe the media DNA of our targets, which we can replicate via look-alike modelling on the
Group M’s M-Platform to enable more effective media targeting. And Kantar Consulting’s EVA
(enhanced visual analytics) has shown us how image recognition and machine learning can be used
to intelligently mine social UGC and reveal how consumers are using, changing and creating IKEA
visual equity in their actual lives. We’re very excited about IKEA Group’s data-driven future.

In the spirit of this, IKEA Group challenged Kantar Consulting, to explore how data could be used to
address a key question for Children’s IKEA. “How could we use data to inspire activation that would
make Children’s IKEA even more famous?” By analysing over 50 million lines of Mumsnet dialogue –
and over 13 million images creative play, childhood unplugged etc., we were able to reach this
conclusion: parents know that imaginative play is key to their child’s happy and healthy
development, but they lack the opportunity and inspiration to give their kids the chance to play
creatively. From this, a beautifully simple idea was born, The IKEA Toy Box. The notion is that every
piece of cardboard waste could be creatively transformed by children into a beautiful cardboard
creation if only we could find a way of putting some simple design instructions in the palm of their
hand. Kantar Consulting reached out to their sister business, Wunderman, to prototype the idea and
demonstrate how it could theoretically work.

This experiment in data-driven creativity is just one example of how Children’s IKEA could help
transform the home into everyone’s favourite site for creative play. The data experiment and a
prototype app were revealed in Cannes on Wednesday to show the world how data can drive
creativity for everyone. IKEA does not currently have any plans to develop or launch the Toy Box app
but we continue to explore and encourage the creative use of data.
Claudia Willvonseder, IKEA Group and Paul McGowan, Kantar Consulting