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Retail IQ Live!

Location: London, UK | Date: 20 March, 2019
Introducing Retail IQ Live! – Our signature Retail & Shopper Insights Conference & Solutions Expo in Europe. Place your bets for growth in next generation commerce as we discuss predictions and implications for 2019. Explore new routes to consumer, deep dive into shopper motivations and modes, and learn what it takes to switch on growth in eCommerce & Digital.


Bryan Gildenberg, Chief Knowledge Officer, Retail, at Kantar Consulting has been named one of the ‘Top 100 Retail Influencers’ by Vend

The 2019 edition of Vend’s list of top retail influencers has been published. Bryan Gildenberg, Chief Knowledge Officer, Retail, at Kantar Consulting has been named one of Vend’s Top 100 Retail Influencers for 2019. This list recognizes the retail industry’s thought leaders and includes notable analysts, consultants and journalists.

Vend is retail POS software, inventory management, ecommerce & customer loyalty for iPad, Mac and PC.

View the full list here.

Sales Performance webinar series: Shifting Gears in Category Management

Location: Webinar | Date: Jan 31, 2019 – 10:00 AM CT

Leading CPGs and Retailers are embedding levers of acceleration at every step of their category growth plans.

Dan Raynak, Chief Client Officer, and author of our recent U.S. PowerRanking—will share with you who is excelling in the market, and where you can uncover opportunities to shift gears in the upcoming year.

We’ll round out the session with a demonstration of how you can apply levers of acceleration in your own category growth plan, as you look to collaborate with key trading partners in 2019.


2019+ U.S. Retail Outlook Webinar: Doing More with Less

Location: Webinar | Date: 30 January, 2019 – 1PM ET
This information packed session will provide the signpost insights you need to win at retail in 2019. Pulling key insights from our U.S. Outlook report, Tim Campbell will guide attendees through key market, channel, and retailer expectations.


2019+ European Retail Outlook Webinar: Winning in New Uncertainties

Location: Webinar | Date: 30 January, 2019 – 2PM GMT
This insight-packed session examines four killer questions that need answering if you are to win at retail in 2019. Pulling from our European Outlook report, our team of experts will guide you through key predictions for the year ahead, with clear and actionable implications for your business.


Kantar Consulting’s Andrew Curry Wins Award for Most Significant Futures Works from the Association of Professional Futurists

Kantar Consulting’s Andrew Curry has won an award from the Association of Professional Futurists (APF) for “Most Significant Futures Works”. APF recognises the most significant futures works to identify and reward the work of professional futurists and others whose work illuminates aspects of the future. Andrew’s paper, titled; ‘The City, The Country, and the New Politics of Place’ was awarded under the ‘Analyse a Significant Future Issue’ category.

The City, The Country, and the New Politics of Place published in 2017 in the Journal of Futures Studies, looks at the rise of populism through the lens of the economics of cities in the age of the service economy.

We are seeing a new “politics of place” emerging – where cities and the younger knowledge workers who populate them – are creating more wealth and a fresh set of expectations for politicians. On the other end of the political spectrum, we see those who’ve been “left behind” by social, economic, and demographic. Thus, we are moving to a new form of political alignment based on geography rather than social class.

The APF described Curry’s piece as; “A powerful synthesis of ideas on the politics of place presented in a way that is cohesive and convincing.”

Most Significant Futures Works (MSFW) Awards were announced at the Annual Reception and Recognition ceremony at the APF Pittsburgh Gathering, October 4, 2018, at the Kimpton Monaco Hotel.

To read The City, The Country, and the New Politics of Place, click here.

To read a summary of his article, click here.

Future of Retail in the GCC

Location: Dubai | Start Date: Jan 27, 2019 | End Date: Jan 27, 2019

Join us at our annual workshop on the Future of Retail in the GCC to identify and leverage the pockets of real growth in the region. Our experts will not only provide the latest data and thought leadership to help you formulate new thinking; but also help translate these insights into actionable strategies that can drive success in the region.



Brands Are Doubling Down on eCommerce Heading into 2019, Finds Profitero / Kantar Consulting Benchmarking Survey

Brands have grown their eCommerce staffing by 83% since 2017; 76% of brands will be upping their investments even further next year to build out eCommerce teams and capabilities.


BOSTON and LONDON, 14 NOVEMBER 2018. New research from Profitero and Kantar Consulting reveals that 76% of brands are looking to accelerate their eCommerce investment in order to capitalize on the $3.5T digital opportunity in 2019 (source: eMarketer). Profitero and Kantar Consulting found that brands have already made huge investments in eCommerce, expanding their global eCommerce staffing and headcount by 83%, on average, versus the prior year.

The 2019 eCommerce Outlook for Brands surveyed 200+ eCommerce professionals to get a pulse on how brands are evolving to tackle the eCommerce opportunity, with 7,000 LinkedIn profiles analyzed globally to establish trends and patterns in eCommerce hiring and headcount growth.

The analysis shows that global eCommerce headcount at brand manufacturers has increased dramatically from a year ago, with a significant roster of companies, including Heineken, Duracell, Revlon and LVMH, expanding their digital headcount by as much as 500% or more in the past 12 months.


“eCommerce teams typically have been largely under-resourced with existing staff having to cover a wide range of brand and category responsibilities. However, our research shows companies are waking up to the fact that this is no longer sustainable and are investing in dedicated specialists and teams to accelerate online growth,” said Andrew Pearl, Director of Strategy & Insights EMEA at Profitero. “We see this increased investment in headcount also coinciding with investment in data analytics so that brands focus on priority actions and products and not waste these new resources.”

“From Profitero’s research, and our own work with eCommerce leaders in CPG companies, we see the largest obstacle to unlocking true omnichannel opportunities is that most organizations remain primarily optimized to serve brick & mortar retailers,” said Malcolm Pinkerton, VP eCommerce & Digital Insights at Kantar Consulting. “To win, brands must break down the silos and work in cross-functional teams—with marketing, sales, consumer engagement, eCommerce, stores, data analysis and supply chain—all working in harmony.”

Top five takeaways from the Profitero/Kantar Consulting eCommerce Benchmarking Survey:

  1. Brands must act now to build digital capabilities or risk being left behind. 76% of brands surveyed are increasing their investment in eCommerce, with 35% spending more than 10% of their channel revenue on digital tools, solutions and agency support. Brands that fail to keep pace risk losing long-term competitive advantage.
  2. The arms race for eCommerce talent will only intensify. Compared to 2017, the number of people with eCommerce job titles grew by 83%, on average. As demand for digital specialists outstrips supply, brands must invest heavily in training and development to bring new eComm skills to the workforce and talent they already have.
  3. Outsourcing some eCommerce functions is an effective way to get the job done. Brands are leaning on agencies to fill resource gaps and support critical eComm functions, especially in areas that require heavy specialization and are hard to build in-house. Two-thirds of brands outsource SEO/SEM; half outsource content creation and digital marketing campaigns.
  4. 2019 is poised to be the “Year of Data Analytics.” The rise of algorithmic-driven retail means data analytics is no longer a nice to have, but a central commercial function. 73% of brands spend a portion of their eCommerce budget on data analytics services; 41% of brands plan to expand their eCommerce data analytics headcount in the coming year.
  5. Retail price wars are weighing heavy on brands. 55% of brands peg pricing and profitability as their #1 eCommerce challenge to tackle, as Amazon on battles it out with other retailers to be lowest price. One way to deal with profitability pressures is through 1P/3P hybrid selling, which 55% of large brands and 74% of small brands are pursuing or considering.

View the full Executive Summary

For more detailed insights, register for the Profitero / Kantar Consulting webinar Unlocking eCommerce Growth in 2019 on December 3 at 9am EST/2pm GMT.

Methodology Summary

For the third consecutive year, Profitero conducted an online survey of brand manufacturers to determine their top organizational priorities, challenges, hiring plans and more as it relates to eCommerce. Fielded from July 2018 to August 2018, responses were collected from a total of 188 respondents in 2018. We also examined the LinkedIn profiles across 150 unique consumer brands globally, identifying all people with an eCommerce-related keyword in their title. Research was conducted between June 2018 and August 2018, and reflects only people who have a LinkedIn profile.

About Profitero

Profitero is the eCommerce Performance analytics platform of choice for leading brands around the world. With Profitero, brands can measure their digital shelf performance across 8,000+ retailer sites and mobile apps in 50 countries, gaining actionable insights to improve product content, search placement, ratings & reviews, availability, assortment and pricing. Profitero also allows brands to measure their Amazon sales & share performance, and is the only solution that can correlate Amazon sales & share performance with changes across the digital shelf. Many of the world’s leading brand manufacturers depend on Profitero’s granular and highly-accurate data to measure and improve their eCommerce performance. These include Beiersdorf, Edgewell, General Mills, Heineken, iRobot, Kids II, L’Oreal and MillerCoors.


Mike Black

About Kantar Consulting

Kantar Consulting is a global specialist growth consultancy. With over 1,000 analysts, thought leaders, software developers and expert consultants, we help our clients develop and execute brand, marketing, retail, sales and shopper strategies to deliver growth. We track 1,200 retailers globally, have purchase data on over 200 million shoppers, and forecast social, cultural and consumer trends across the world.


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PepsiCo Claims Top Spot Three Years Running In 2018 PoweRanking® for Suppliers – Press Release

Walmart Holds On To Top Retailer Slot For 22nd Consecutive Year

New York, NY (November 8, 2018) – PepsiCo earned the top position among suppliers in Kantar Consulting’s 2018 US PoweRanking® report for the third consecutive year. PepsiCo solidified its position as a best-in-class partner, topping the competition in all nine metrics measured by the study.

Additionally, Walmart retained its top spot among retailers for the 22nd consecutive year, narrowly edging Kroger.

PoweRanking is the industry’s leading assessment of best-in-class manufacturers and retailers. Chosen by their peers, leaders are ranked on a range of factors from strategic metrics to business fundamentals.

PepsiCo was recognized in particular for driving growth and profits through its investments in innovation. Coca-Cola, which earned the number two position on the list for the third year in a row, was recognized for its growth mindset.  Other big movers on the manufacturing side include Kellogg’s and Mondelez.  Kellogg’s, which has effectively shifted gears from focusing on cost-cutting to investing for top line growth, moved up three positions to land in the top five. Mondelez also moved up three positions to claim the number six spot.

The 2018 report reveals a shift in gears within best-in-class organizations. While many resource strapped teams struggle to execute the basics, PoweRanking leaders are adopting an investment mindset to deliver real growth.

“A growth company has an investment mindset because it has confidence in its strategy, brands and people to achieve real growth. It can be confident because it has identified the right insights, allocated resources appropriately, and achieved strategic intimacy with its trading partners,” said Dan Raynak, Chief Client Officer at Kantar Consulting. “PepsiCo has done an exceptional job navigating this chaotic, disruptive, and uncomfortable retail market because of their strong growth mindset.

Walmart maintained its lock on the top position due to clarity of strategy, supply chain, digital resources and manufacturer belief in future performance. Kroger earned the second position on the retailer list for the third consecutive year, while Amazon moved up to the number three position. Meijer moved up one position to sixth and CVS entered the top 10 driven by the clarity of their health strategy.

Walmart is famous for their clarity of strategy and supply chain expertise.  Not only are they positioned well to win strategically and operationally, but they also have the financial resources and talent that has both skill and grit,” said Raynak.

To download the 2018 PoweRanking® Executive Summary, click here.


Kantar Consulting featured in the 2018 POI TPx Vendor Panorama – Press Release

Kantar Consulting named Best-In-Class for Analytics Visualization
and TPO Ergonomics in the 2018 POI TPx Vendor Panorama

Kantar Consulting, a global player in sales processes automation for the CPG industry, received a positive assessment
and two Best-In-Class distinctions in the latest TPx Vendor Panorama published on August 2018 by the Promotion
Optimization Institute.

POI TPx Vendor Panorama evaluates 22 vendors across the globe and is designed to help CPG companies in advancing their
ability to manage trade promotion through the use of enabling technology.

Kantar Consulting is featured in the report as the future global vendor in TPx with deployments in over 50 countries and more
than 20 years of experience enabling sales processes in the consumer goods industry. “Kantar Consulting will become a global
leader in the next 3 years on the back of its quality and breadth of solutions and influence network. It has a superior product,
both from a functionality and UX perspective. It will also enjoy high client retention due to the strong analytics in combination
with a superior UX” predicts Dale Hagemeyer, Partner at Promotion Optimization Institute

Kantar Consulting TPx solution gets the Best-In-Class distinction for Analytics Visualization, a critical capability for TPx because,
as Dale Hagemeyer writes “A good graphic or image says it all”. Kantar Consulting is also named Best-in-Class for TPO
Ergonomics, capability to make TPO, usually a complex matter because of constraints and simulation, easy.

Elsewhere in the report, Kantar Consulting stands out among the competition for its industry expertise, strong product functionality,
usability and client references, excellent vision, superior user experience and “A very strong roadmap for innovation to support
revenue growth management”.

The report acknowledges Kantar Consulting’s unrivalled set of capabilities and unique proposition in the TPx area: “…the breadth of the
offering around promoting and executing is unrivalled: Kantar Retail iQ to deliver the right shopper and retail insights; SKURAT/RichMix
assets to determine the right product mix and planogram; Virtual Reality to envision it collaboratively with retailers; XTEL assets to execute it;
Planorama to capture it; and XTEL assets to track performance/incentives. We also see the usability as a real differentiator, because it has
been exceedingly strong for the two decades we have been tracking it. Finally, the increase in best practices consulting resources throughout
the entire TPx journey is a real differentiator.”, writes Dale Hagemeyer.

We are pleased to get such distinctions from the POI – states Suzana Dias, Group Solutions Director of Kantar Consulting Retail, Sales
and Shopper Practice –. Our complete and unique set of capabilities in the marketplace is designed to help consumer goods clients to do
more with less and switch on growth across channels and markets. We are committed to help our customers to effectively deliver
transformational programs to build sustainable advantage and succeed in the global marketplace.
Suzana Dias, Kantar Consulting

IKEA Group and Kantar Consulting – Press Release

How Data is Reinventing the Flatpack Empire: Cannes Lions 2018

IKEA has always been a company with a very human purpose at its heart – to create a better
everyday life for the many people. This focus has guided us to make sure that everything we do,
from our designs to our shopping experience to our marketing is born out of real human insight.
And, like every organization around the world, we now find ourselves in the midst of a revolution in
insight, being brought about by data, a revolution we at IKEA Group are keen to join. At the 2018
Cannes Lions, this week, we have shared the progress we have already made and a new area we are
starting to look at.

Partnering with Kantar Consulting, our data consulting partner, IKEA Group has explored innovative
ways of weaving multiple data sources together, traditional survey plus digital and media DMPs to
create a truly three-dimensional picture of our audiences. Voluntary cookie tracking has allowed us
to observe the media DNA of our targets, which we can replicate via look-alike modelling on the
Group M’s M-Platform to enable more effective media targeting. And Kantar Consulting’s EVA
(enhanced visual analytics) has shown us how image recognition and machine learning can be used
to intelligently mine social UGC and reveal how consumers are using, changing and creating IKEA
visual equity in their actual lives. We’re very excited about IKEA Group’s data-driven future.

In the spirit of this, IKEA Group challenged Kantar Consulting, to explore how data could be used to
address a key question for Children’s IKEA. “How could we use data to inspire activation that would
make Children’s IKEA even more famous?” By analysing over 50 million lines of Mumsnet dialogue –
and over 13 million images creative play, childhood unplugged etc., we were able to reach this
conclusion: parents know that imaginative play is key to their child’s happy and healthy
development, but they lack the opportunity and inspiration to give their kids the chance to play
creatively. From this, a beautifully simple idea was born, The IKEA Toy Box. The notion is that every
piece of cardboard waste could be creatively transformed by children into a beautiful cardboard
creation if only we could find a way of putting some simple design instructions in the palm of their
hand. Kantar Consulting reached out to their sister business, Wunderman, to prototype the idea and
demonstrate how it could theoretically work.

This experiment in data-driven creativity is just one example of how Children’s IKEA could help
transform the home into everyone’s favourite site for creative play. The data experiment and a
prototype app were revealed in Cannes on Wednesday to show the world how data can drive
creativity for everyone. IKEA does not currently have any plans to develop or launch the Toy Box app
but we continue to explore and encourage the creative use of data.
Claudia Willvonseder, IKEA Group and Paul McGowan, Kantar Consulting

Kantar Named ‘Most Innovative’ by Research Industry Commentator Greenbook

Kantar today welcomed the news from Greenbook, the industry commentator, that research professionals across the world have identified Kantar as the most innovative research and insights company.

Read the full press release here