Kantar Consulting featured in the 2018 POI TPx Vendor Panorama – Press Release

Kantar Consulting named Best-In-Class for Analytics Visualization
and TPO Ergonomics in the 2018 POI TPx Vendor Panorama

Kantar Consulting, a global player in sales processes automation for the CPG industry, received a positive assessment
and two Best-In-Class distinctions in the latest TPx Vendor Panorama published on August 2018 by the Promotion
Optimization Institute.

POI TPx Vendor Panorama evaluates 22 vendors across the globe and is designed to help CPG companies in advancing their
ability to manage trade promotion through the use of enabling technology.

Kantar Consulting is featured in the report as the future global vendor in TPx with deployments in over 50 countries and more
than 20 years of experience enabling sales processes in the consumer goods industry. “Kantar Consulting will become a global
leader in the next 3 years on the back of its quality and breadth of solutions and influence network. It has a superior product,
both from a functionality and UX perspective. It will also enjoy high client retention due to the strong analytics in combination
with a superior UX” predicts Dale Hagemeyer, Partner at Promotion Optimization Institute

Kantar Consulting TPx solution gets the Best-In-Class distinction for Analytics Visualization, a critical capability for TPx because,
as Dale Hagemeyer writes “A good graphic or image says it all”. Kantar Consulting is also named Best-in-Class for TPO
Ergonomics, capability to make TPO, usually a complex matter because of constraints and simulation, easy.

Elsewhere in the report, Kantar Consulting stands out among the competition for its industry expertise, strong product functionality,
usability and client references, excellent vision, superior user experience and “A very strong roadmap for innovation to support
revenue growth management”.

The report acknowledges Kantar Consulting’s unrivalled set of capabilities and unique proposition in the TPx area: “…the breadth of the
offering around promoting and executing is unrivalled: Kantar Retail iQ to deliver the right shopper and retail insights; SKURAT/RichMix
assets to determine the right product mix and planogram; Virtual Reality to envision it collaboratively with retailers; XTEL assets to execute it;
Planorama to capture it; and XTEL assets to track performance/incentives. We also see the usability as a real differentiator, because it has
been exceedingly strong for the two decades we have been tracking it. Finally, the increase in best practices consulting resources throughout
the entire TPx journey is a real differentiator.”, writes Dale Hagemeyer.

We are pleased to get such distinctions from the POI – states Suzana Dias, Group Solutions Director of Kantar Consulting Retail, Sales
and Shopper Practice –. Our complete and unique set of capabilities in the marketplace is designed to help consumer goods clients to do
more with less and switch on growth across channels and markets. We are committed to help our customers to effectively deliver
transformational programs to build sustainable advantage and succeed in the global marketplace.
Suzana Dias, Kantar Consulting