What is culture and why is it important for brands?

Culture is everything made, watched and consumed by humans. It’s the sum total of what we create and produce. It’s the medium through which we express ourselves and communicate with others – how we give meaning to the things we buy, the choices we make, the values we hold. And it’s constantly changing.

One idea can cross the planet in a single second. Brands need to keep up, or risk being out of step. What’s more, engaging with culture helps brands reflect what matters to people – thereby creating relevance. Understanding and harnessing culture and its influence on human life is a vastly under-used tool for marketers.

How we help you achieve growth

Our experts explore the interplay of culture and human experience, and what this means for brands. This gives us fresh perspectives on how to switch on growth – by creating greater relevance, meaning and shareability in people’s lives and in culture.

As well as offering leading-edge human insight, this strategic aspect of consulting explores your category or your brand, brand territory, communications, or expression, through the lens of culture, equipping brands to elevate their role in the market and in people’s lives:

To enable greater integration of culture and human insight into the marketing repertoire, we offer six key tools:

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