Optimise assortment and space, win faster and better across customers and markets

Opportunities exist at retail for those who can quickly and accurately quantify winning shelf assortments at scale.

The Sales Performance Platform offers CPG companies best-in-class capabilities to optimise assortment and space at brand and category levels.

With up to 95% accuracy, our analytics help CPG companies to challenge existing assortment approaches, maximise shelf productivity and realise positive brand and category growth.


How can I optimise the shelf for both brand and retailer?


How can I understand the impact of changes in product distribution across my customers?


How can I maximise productivity with more retailers over the year?


How can I ensure my new product launch will drive growth in-store?

Identify growth opportunities easily and consistently with industry-leading assortment and space optimisation

The Sales Performance Platform helps CPG companies to successfully manage their own portfolio of brands and lead category to higher results with each retail partner, through leading shopper-centric analytics that identify the incremental contribution of each product to sales and generate accurate assortment and space recommendations.

Assortment & Space Optimisation: in detail

Deploy the best portfolio of brands

  • Determine the incremental value of your brand’s SKUs to understand transferable shopper demand when products are listed and delisted
  • Identify which SKUs would sell more if one product is delisted
  • Define must-keep SKUs (core) which if delisted would result in significant loss of share to competitors
  • Target distribution levels by SKU and understand the net impact to portfolio sales

Prepare retailer specific growth plans and projections for effective joint business planning

  • Build SKU rankings that integrate multiple performance metrics e.g.: profitability, productivity and shopper incrementality
  • Identify gaps in distribution as well as highlight opportunities to expand and reduce space
  • Save up to 60% in time typically spent integrating multiple data sources
  • Pair down complex data to easily present the insights you need at the point you need them

Quantify the impact of NPD at brand and category level

  • Model the introduction of NPD based on historical performance data of proprietary demand curves
  • Determine which category segments are most valuable to the portfolio and the category to best support overall NPD strategy
  • Validate the impact of existing NPD in the current pipeline
  • Identify which SKUs the NPD can replace when space is limited and growth essential

Optimise shelf assortment, space and facings to build a shopper-centric planogram

  • Up to 95% accurate in predicting the impact of assortment changes on sales
  • Data agnostic so data from any source can be used
  • Target either SKU count or linear space goals
  • Assortment can be evaluated against a combination of metrics including shopper incrementality, profitability and productivity
  • Evaluate space on shopper incrementality and inventory optimisation
  • Minimise out-of-stocks and facings elasticity to maximise visibility and capture shopper demands for any pack size
  • Create a compelling defence strategy for nominated deletes

Spend less time generating merchandised planograms for the retailers with automated analytics

  • Over 40% time savings when using assisted merchandising analytics
  • Proprietary demand curves to generate hundreds of optimised assortment recommendations in minutes
  • Pattern matching algorithm to automatically detect the underlying merchandising rules that govern an existing planogram
  • Automatic merchandise recommended changes to correct location
  • User interventions to manage final modifications on the shelf

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