Improve collaboration with retail partners, deliver a differentiated category proposition, entice your shoppers, and achieve excellent sales results

Consumer goods manufacturers face increasing demand from their retail partners to deliver compelling assortment and space recommendations along with product innovation that drive category growth and shopper loyalty.

The Sales Performance Platform offers the best combination of capabilities to support a Perfect Category Management process.

It enables a closed-loop process that helps retailers and suppliers to identify growth opportunities, deliver shopper-centric category innovation, achieve higher rates of success with new products and best performance at the shelf.

Win at the shelf with best shopper-centric category recommendations

The Sales Performance Platform leverages retail and shopper insights, advanced analytics and virtual reality to deliver a powerful category management environment that enables the full process, supports collaboration with customers and easily contextualises category growth recommendations at scale.

Sales Performance Platform: More with Less

Answering key stakeholder’s questions


How can my category recommendations deliver growth for both my brand and category?


How can I get my sales initiative in-store more quickly as well as track & measure its effectiveness once in place?

Consumer & Shopper Insights Manager

How can I infuse my existing shopper insights into effective shopper-centred category plans?


How can I prove the effectiveness of my new product line and test in-store marketing elements before my launch?

Closed-loop category management process

The Sales Performance Platform supports end-to-end category management excellence from insights and strategy through to planning and execution.

Kantar offers best-in-class advisory and insights to support this process from category vision to the definition of merchandising gold-standard principles.

It empowers consumer goods manufacturers to execute their portfolio strategy more effectively and create retailer-ready category solutions that reflect the latest and greatest shopper insights. The solution provides for real-time virtual collaboration with retailers significantly enhancing credibility and engagement with customers.

Category teams can scale capabilities and best practices consistently across geographies thanks to a flexible approach that operates in both data rich and data sparse environments.

Furthermore, the combined solutions by Kantar in retail and shopper insights, category management, retail execution and trade promotion areas deliver optimal go-to-market approach from sales strategy to execution.


Quantify and drive growth for the category by building shopper-centred plans.

Enhance retailer engagement and drive credibility with a category-centric view.

Quickly quantify the impact of new retail concept before you launch.

Create and test prototypes without spending any money on physical trials.

Realise share of shelf and distribution gains as a result of improved partnership.

Make and save changes more easily to collaborate more efficiently with the retailer.

Leverage retail and shopper insights, spot trends and anticipate where growth will come from.

Reduce time spent on analyses by over 60% and refocus on driving strategic engagement with retailers.

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Category Management: in detail

Deliver faster and broader

  • Improved services by freeing up category resources to enable broader coverage and retailer facing capacity
  • Save up to 50% of time spent in range reviews due to:
    • Simplified data integration and management
    • Faster what-if scenario planning
    • Execute at scale by automatically merchandising recommended changes with machine learning capabilities
    • Rapid testing of plans with shoppers

Align category reviews to joint business plans with shopper-centric views

  • Multiple sources of data including sales, profitability, inventory and shopper insights into a single platform
  • Custom KPIs to ensure SKUs are valued on the same data/metrics that the retailers will internally leverage
  • Shopper-centred rather than brand-centred views to successfully challenge retailer strategy and planograms

Deliver growth

  • In mature markets and categories, category growth due to better assortment averages 3% – 5% (higher in other markets and channels)
  • Retail insights to inform most compelling category decisions
  • Advanced analytics to identify growth opportunities within manufacturers’ own portfolio as well as on category assortment across channels and regions
  • Product incremental contribution and transferable demand methodology to quantify impact driven by each change to the range

Engage with impact

  • Branded retail virtual stores to visualise shelf and store innovation
  • Integrated analytics into virtual reality to make changes on the fly, quantify their impact, save and socialise them for immediate feedback and approval
  • In-store execution compliance impact measures to empower negotiation strategy
  • Storyboarding capabilities to communicate effectively

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