Pave the way for better and more profitable direct sales and delivery in both developed and emerging markets

Consumer goods manufacturers are challenged in balancing the right levels of market coverage and sales profitability as they need to timely and effectively reach out to thousands of disconnected points of sale across markets to ensure the availability of the right products at each store.

The Sales Performance Platform offers comprehensive capabilities to effectively manage Direct Sales and Delivery processes across multiple geographies.

It allows CPG companies to achieve higher rates of market coverage, enhanced field force productivity and increased sales at lower costs.

Enhance field workers productivity from the warehouse to the shelf, increase sales

The Sales Performance Platform helps consumer goods manufacturers to streamline direct-to-store activities – from truck loading to product delivery, from activities optimisation to payment collection – across both emerging and developed markets.

Sales Performance Platform: More with Less

Answering key stakeholder’s questions

Back Office

How can I correctly manage warehouse replenishment and van load requests, based on market trends, daily sales and inventory data?


How much of my sales targets can be achieved through direct sales and delivery in each territory?

District Sales Manager

How can I optimise routes, so my reps can timely visit all relevant point of sales?


How can I be sure I am completing all my planned deliveries and I am reaching the expected targets?

End-to-end direct store delivery and van sales process automation

The Sales Performance Platform enables complete direct sales and delivery processes for consumer goods manufacturers to ensure the right sales outcomes in every market.

It offers best-in-class planning and optimisation capabilities to back-office sales teams to balance sales territories, define best routes, and drive the right combination of sales, merchandising and delivery activities across field teams.  All through one single, industry-specific solution that seamlessly integrates with supply chain and ERP systems.

It enables common ways of working across thousands of field workers to drive greater sales delivery efficiency over different geographies.

It offers field workers with comprehensive mobile warehouse, order-to-cash, and asset management features along with merchandising, image recognition and real-time analytics capabilities to help them deliver more and better, through a user-friendly mobile and device-agnostic solution that works both online and offline.


Sell more and to more outlets with the same field teams thanks to a streamlined process.

Deliver your products on time anywhere with advanced planning and optimisation capabilities.

Increase field workers’ productivity on the go through a user-friendly full-fledged mobile application.

Increase customer service levels thanks to a more efficient sales delivery process.

Get the most out of each single visit thanks to best-in-class order-to-cash, assets, returns and delivery management capabilities.

Empower field workers with guided selling, storytelling, real-time dashboards and targets monitoring tools.

Drive higher performance in developed and emerging markets through AI-fuelled analytics and optimisation capabilities.

Drive sales, merchandising and delivery activities everywhere thanks to comprehensive online and offline capabilities.

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Ensure market coverage

  • Sales territories allocation and optimisation capabilities
  • Complete view of sales performance at all levels: channels, territories, stores, field-sales representatives
  • Advanced analytics to identify trends and uncover the root causes of low and high sales performance

Deploy the most effective field management process

  • Route definition and optimisation features
  • Effective mobile warehouse management: loading, unloading and management of returns and empties
  • Effective visit planning tools to assign daily tasks: product delivery, replenishment orders, merchandising activities, and compliance checks
  • Capabilities to push out field activities and alerts based on standard KPIs and target goals

Increase sales reps productivity, improve time-to-action

  • Comprehensive capabilities to perform different field activities: van loading and unloading, pre-sales, product delivery, replenishment orders, surveys, merchandising activities, assets management, invoicing, and payment collections
  • Integrated mapping capabilities to help sales reps to effectively perform their daily routes and leverage sales opportunities by identifying outlets along their way
  • Easy-to-use dashboards and KPIs to track performance against target goals and timely act upon execution problems and non-compliance issues
  • Mobility enabled through online and offline capabilities and a device-agnostic solution

Effective pricing policies, perfect orders

  • Perfect orders though guided workflow and controlling tools
  • Advanced management of all pricing conditions – rules-based and discount-based pricing – both online and offline
  • Streamlined activities with barcode-scanning, electronic signature capture and mobile-printing support

Keep an eye on sales performance

  • Real-time monitoring capabilities to assess selling, merchandising and delivery activities allowing for timely interventions that improve performance in the field
  • Complete access to customer-specific data and documents – invoices, proof-of-delivery, payment collections, store audit results
  • Comprehensive view of sales reps’ performance against target goals

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