Deliver the right vision of success and win at the moment of truth at each point of sales

Consumer goods manufacturers deal with an increasing number of retail outlets and requests from retail partners for more shopper-centric and localised sales tactics. All of this translates into the need to successfully bridge the gap between planning and execution to effectively deliver the right vision of success at each point of sale.

The Sales Performance Platform offers the best combination of capabilities to support an integrated end-to-end management of a Perfect Store Execution process.

It allows CPG companies to achieve higher and faster rates of success at the shelf, improved field force productivity and increased sales at lower cost.

Empower field sales teams, increase performance at the store through one single solution

The Sales Performance Platform helps sales organisations of consumer goods companies to streamline their entire in-store execution process, empower their field sales to focus their efforts on high-value activities at each point of sale, drive operational efficiencies, and increase sales.

Sales Performance Platform: More with Less

Answering key stakeholder’s questions


How can I optimally perform field activities and effectively collaborate with store managers to ensure the best results for me, our brands and the category?


How can I ensure that our vision of success will be delivered at each store?


How can I increase market coverage and field sales performance through the right guidelines and sales incentives?

Sales & Operations Planning

How can I better equip my field force to drive optimal performance?

End-to-end perfect store execution process automation

The Sales Performance Platform enables a full retail execution transformation program for consumer goods manufacturers: from process design to solution deployment, from organisational capabilities development to change management.

It offers management teams advanced analytical and planning capabilities to identify growth areas and drive increased performance at the right outlets, through the best combination of activities – merchandising tactics, pricing and promotions – and speed-to-market.

It integrates sales targets and incentives management along with gamification and collaboration tools to aid high field force performance.

It offers the field force guided selling, storytelling, image recognition and real-time analytics capabilities to help them increase their efficiency and effectiveness at the stores through a user-friendly mobile and device-agnostic solution that works both online and offline.

It prepares field sales organisations to leapfrog competition through impact-driven competencies development programmes and learner-centric approach.


Deliver best and most impactful in-store activities thanks to optimised agendas and access to real-time data intelligence.

Uncover in-store performance root causes and identify growth areas through advanced analytics.

Deliver the right vision of success for each store with the help of retail virtual reality and storytelling capabilities.

Help field teams leapfrog competition through optimised routes and retail activities, guided selling, and image recognition.


Reduce out-of-stock and ensure the right level of on-shelf availability at each store through retail activities optimisation capabilities.

Improve field force performance through the right targets and incentives combined with gamification and collaboration capabilities.

Assess the financial impact of retail non-compliance and timely implement corrective actions both at the headquarter and in the field.

Measure and compare results throughout different channels and markets thanks to flexible management of execution metrics and perfect store scorecards.

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Put a laser-focus on sales potential and get the most out of the market

  • 360° view of sales performance at all levels: channels, territories, customers, stores, field-sales teams
  • Easy-to-use analytics and dashboards to identify trends and uncover the root causes of low and high sales performance
  • Market segmentation capabilities based on industry standard metrics and KPIs
  • Sales territories allocation and optimisation capabilities

Strengthen your brands and increase results by driving the right activities in the field

  • Flexible definition of perfect store scorecards to drive the right activities in the field and measure results in a standard, repeatable and comparable way throughout different customers and markets
  • Advanced planning tools to generate periodic and event-driven activities for different sales teams
  • Targets and incentives management tools to aid field productivity
  • Capabilities to push out field activities and alerts based on standard KPIs and target goals

Drive sales performance with real-time access to data

  • Route definition and optimisation capabilities
  • Comprehensive on-site management of tasks and activities: surveys, compliance checks, order taking, collections and deposit management
  • Guided selling capabilities to enable sales reps to be more effective in each single activity
  • Near real-time image recognition and planogram compliance verification to improve execution in store
  • Real-time and easy-to-use dashboards to track performance against target goals and allow the ability to act upon execution problems and non-compliance issues
  • Gamification and collaboration tools to track performance against peers and increase collaboration among teams
  • Mobility enabled through online and offline capabilities and a device-agnostic solution
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use user interface to drive fast adoption by sales teams

Effective pricing policies, perfect orders

  • Perfect orders though guided workflow and controlling tools
  • Advanced management of all pricing conditions – rules-based and discount-based pricing – both online and offline
  • Capability to allot discretionary budgets to empower sales reps to get the most out of the single sales initiatives
  • Ability to assess the impact of changes in assortment, pricing and promotional mechanisms in sales results

Reach breakthrough results with an integrated sales process

  • Integrated sales management, from customer planning to retail execution, to ensure better sales results and greater return on trade investments
  • Demand-driven field sales processes that leverage downstream retail data to optimise in-store performance
  • Advanced analytics capabilities fuelled by AI and machine learning technologies, integrated into sales processes to enable timely decisions and prompt field activities
  • Complete view over store and field performance through configurable scorecards to reflect most important KPIs in each market
  • Real-time assessment of the impact of retail non-compliance – assortments, space, pricing, promotions – on sales results to support corrective actions both at the headquarter and in the field

Empower sales force to deliver more

  • Capabilities assessment and impact-driven competencies development programmes with learner-centric approach: e-learning, mobile learning, coaching
  • Collaboration tools to aid sales reps in exchanging ideas and benchmark successful experiences in the field that can help achieve overall better performance
  • Gamification capabilities to understand how they compare against peers and immediately act upon underperforming areas

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