Deliver revenue growth, higher return on investment and increased trade spend efficiency

Consumer goods manufacturers face pressing trade investment requests from their retail partners to drive an increase of both revenues and margins. They must balance these requests with their own requirements to deliver revenue and volume growth along with higher margins and return on investments.

The Sales Performance Platform offers CPG companies the most advanced capabilities to manage a closed loop Business Planning and Trade Promotion Management process.

Thanks to its transactional and advanced analytical capabilities, embedded insights and best practices, it enables integrated management that helps deliver improved commercial decisions, optimised trade promotion plans, higher customer profitability, and greater return on trade spending.

One-way operating model in sales planning and trade promotion management

The Sales Performance Platform supports all stakeholders in identifying, optimising, planning and managing the right sales levers – assortments, pricing, promotions and trade terms – through a collaborative business process to deliver best results with retail partners.

Sales Performance Platform: More with Less

Answering key stakeholder’s questions

End-to-end trade promotion management process automation

The Sales Performance Platform enables full transformation programs in business planning and trade promotion management, from process design to solution deployment, change management and capabilities development.

It offers best-in-class predictive and collaborative business planning, trade terms and promotion lifecycle management, accruals management and claims settling; all through one single industry-specific solution that seamlessly integrates with ERP and demand planning systems.

It harnesses the value of advanced analytics to transform insights into winning sales strategies and tactics. It applies AI to deliver predictive and optimisation capabilities.

Furthermore, the combined solutions deliver optimal go-to-market approach around the promotion from strategy to execution.


Seamlessly automate the trade promotion process with best-in-class transactional and analytical capabilities powered by AI.

Improve internal collaboration by bringing together sales, finance and demand planning in one application.

Execute successful shopper-driven in-store tactics by leveraging virtual environments to run shopper research.

Make revenue grow and optimise ROI by correctly allocating investments across customers and brands.

Win with retailers and shoppers by implementing best assortments and promotional levers to help negotiations in your joint business planning.

Improve performance at the shelf and reduce out-of-stocks with more accurate sales forecasts, and a closed-loop planning-execution process.

Speed up your go-to-market in every geography with a multi-channel, multi-currency, scalable, end-to-end solution.

Improve trade spending control thanks to strong workflow, data management and analytics.

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Trade Promotion Management: in detail

Understand the key insights of promotion performance

  • Drillable dashboards to identify trends and uncover root causes of promotional performance
  • Automatic identification of poorly performing customer and product combinations through intuitive dashboards and reporting
  • Complete visibility over customer, product and promotional P&L and the impact of trade spend on sales margins
  • Key metrics under control: promotional uplift, margin, ROI, forward buys, cannibalisation

Run a collaborative sales planning process

  • Seamless link between top-down and bottom-up planning capabilities to run the definition and revision of sales plans throughout the year
  • Forecasting algorithms that take both transactional and market data into account as well as industry segment specificities, such as seasonality, product shelf-life, and promotional intensity
  • Integrated planning of sales volumes: promoted and non-promoted, or base and incremental sales volume forecasts to help with ROI analysis
  • Complete customer plans around key sales levers: assortments, pricing, new product launches, promotional allowances, and different types of trade incentives
  • Commercial fact-based negotiations via customer and promotional P&L analytics

Keep trade spend under control

  • Comprehensive capabilities to manage the full contract life-cycle
  • Complete trade terms management: conditional or non-conditional to sales targets; on-invoice and off-invoice; year-end-bonuses, promotional allowances, retro discounts
  • Automated year-end cost projections and timely information over planned vs actual trade funds
  • Automated documents reconciliation system to streamline deductions management processes and reduce undue claims
  • Integration with back-office systems to ensure timely accounting of trade spend and error-free invoicing and ordering processing

Define optimal promotional programs to maximize revenue, volume and profitability

  • Complete capabilities to define retailer specific promotional programs and address different market and shopper opportunities
  • Advanced capabilities to simulate what-if promotional events and to run different promotional plan scenarios before presenting during your joint business planning
  • Comprehensive view of the promotional calendar together with other planned marketing and brand initiatives
  • Flexible management of different promotion mechanics – TPR, BOGO, in-store promotions – and visibility over the details of each single promotional initiative: timing, products, mechanics, and estimated results

Effectively drive promotion execution through an integrated system

  • Capabilities to push out field activities and alerts based on promotional events details and standard KPIs
  • Ready-to-use scorecards to measure and share promotion execution results in a standard and comparable way throughout different outlets and geographies
  • Real-time assessment of the impact of retail non-compliance on sales results to support corrective actions both at the headquarter and in the field

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