Optimise promotional plans, boost profitability and improve forecast accuracy

Consumer goods companies struggle to deliver the right return on investment for trade promotions, which represent the second biggest expense in their P&Ls. They need to deliver promotional plans that strike the right balance between revenues and margins.

The Sales Performance Platform offers CPG companies advanced capabilities to optimise promotional spending and drive the right strategies with each retail partner.

It harnesses the power of advanced analytics to automate promotional forecasts through AI-suggested volume models and to propose optimal promotional plans to sell more, better and more profitably.


How can I evaluate best promotional strategies across retail partners?


How can I define an optimal promotional plan for my customer?


How can I improve my supply chain process with automated promotional forecasts?

Revenue Growth Manager

How can I set the best guidelines to drive trade promotion spend efficiency for sales teams?

Make best promotions better with AI-fuelled predictive analytics

The advanced trade promotion optimisation capabilities of the Sales Performance Platform helps CPG companies to reach higher, more profitable growth for brands and retail partners through accurate baseline predictions, effective pre- and post-event analysis, and full promotional calendar optimisation.

In combination with category management, retail execution and trade promotion management solutions, it delivers optimal go-to-market approach around the promotion, from strategy to execution.

Sales Performance Platform: More with Less

Trade Promotion Optimisation: in detail

Understand profit & loss, optimise planning models through pre- and post-event analysis

  • Comprehensive profit & loss analysis and identification of new ways to easily improve promotional planning models
  • Trade promotions segmentation based on the delivered performance to drive future activities
  • Pre- and post-event analysis to optimise promotional models and achieve a higher spend efficiency thanks to dedicated reports and dashboards

Automate baseline forecast and understand promotional ROI

  • Baseline simulation based on historical data that includes trend and seasonality factors to ensure the best accuracy for non-promoted weeks
  • Promotional ROI analysis based on baseline calculations to ensure sales teams are running the right activities with their customers

Get the most out of each activity through single promotion optimisation

  • Single promotion optimisation to deliver best promotional mechanisms and ROI
  • Promotional forecast accuracy improvement, based on past-event analysis
  • Understanding of promotion optimisation outputs through guided analytics
  • Cannibalisation and dip factors forecasting to calculate the true ROI based on lost sales to other portfolio products

Leapfrog competition through full promotional calendar optimisation

  • Full promotional calendar optimisation using AI-based constraint modelling to suggest improved promotions with the right products, timing and mechanics
  • Volume-based, sales-based or ROI-based optimisations to improve the entire promotional plan for both CPGs and the retailer
  • Step by step approach to optimisation that does not require to optimise a full calendar from scratch

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