Drive stakeholder collaboration and improve sales

Suppliers and retailers are under constant pressure to deliver innovative in-store solutions, keep up with evolving shopper preferences and drive sales forward.

The Sales Performance Platform offers advanced Virtual Reality capabilities that enable companies to quickly create and test new in-store concepts, thanks to a library of over 130+ virtual environments; all while taking advantage of a central online platform that allows users to adapt, save and share in-store innovations in real-time.

It helps accelerate the process of innovation and deliver shopper approved in-store solutions in less time and with fewer resources, while improving the level and efficiency of stakeholder engagement.


How can I get my stakeholders to act on innovation and see beyond the data?


How can I get retail customers to sign-off more quickly on my proposed growth plans?

Consumer & Shopper Insights Manager

How can I make my shopper data able to better fit my budget, timeline and purpose?

Store Innovation Manager

How can I stay ahead of future shopping preferences?

Accelerate your retail growth strategy with virtual reality technology

Create and test new concepts in over 130 customizable virtual environments and elevate the level of trade partner collaboration. With virtual reality you’ll save time and resources while you innovate the future of retail for your brand, retailers and shoppers.

Sales Performance Platform: More with Less

Virtual Reality: in detail

Create the next in-store concept as a VR experience

  • Present from the perspective of real shoppers, incorporate natural movement and sight lines
  • Use the preferred retail environment with over 100 branded virtual stores to choose from
  • Create one, easy-to-share version of the truth, gain clarity with stakeholders

Shopper testing when you have less time and limited budget

  • Zero disruption to in-store testing with over 100 branded virtual stores to choose from
  • Narrow down creative solutions more quickly with easy-to-do iterative approach in VR
  • Test more and more frequently by stretching insights budgets and resources
  • Risk-free, no approval necessary to test any idea

Accelerate the innovation process

  • Cut the in-store sign-off process by over half (from 26 to 16 weeks)
  • One central hub allows to create, test and share concepts with stakeholders
  • Limitless use of existing stores, or build new ones to bring concepts to life

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