Overview of Streetscapes

Streetscapes is Kantar’s Network of global cultural correspondents.

Streetscapers observe, interpret and report on what’s shaping their marketplace, helping clients learn from the leading edge of culture and switch on growth.

Streetscapes and MONITOR

Streetscapers continually provide on-the-ground context and nuance behind our MONITOR data assets.

Cultural Streetscapes Microsite

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A collection of products, services, and campaigns that signal emergent trends across the world.

The Streetscapes Microsite is a dynamic feed of global marketplace discoveries from our Streetscapes Network that signal evolving consumer values.

Custom Trend Radars

Deploy Streetscapers on Custom Trend Radars to uncover marketplace discoveries, track the evolution of consumer values and attitudes, inform cultural strategy, and inspire innovation pipelines.

Sample Streetscaper Briefings

Global Cultural Intelligence

Members of the Streetscapes Network are vetted for their cultural expertise, insight and future-focused perspectives.

TYPICAL CAREERS: Journalists, writers, tech & lifestyle bloggers, media & marketing strategists, designers (print, digital, video), entrepreneurs, et

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Our Experts

Alice Sweitzer

Senior Product Manager, Streetscapes

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