Bring “Big Data” down to human scale

What if you could make better sense of your customer and prospect data, and as a result, make better decisions by unlocking the human dimension embedded within your proprietary behavioral data?

And what if you could turn this insight into action that creates real impact for your brand?

Imagine if insight and knowledge were your competitive advantage.

They can be.

How we can help you achieve growth 

Our proprietary data tools are developed from the U.S. MONITOR consumer attitudinal research.

Powerful algorithms project our consumer insights onto the full U.S. adult population (240MM+), and can be linked to digital platforms and your own customer database for insight and activation.

Deeper human insights linked to your own data creates YOUR competitive advantage and delivers higher ROI.

We offer tools and solutions to help you Accelerate, Connect, Engage:

Strategic Consulting Services and Tactical Tool Kit

Round out your understanding of the “WHO” and the “WHAT” with deeper comprehension of the “WHY” and the “WHAT NEXT”.
Applying our syndicated data assets accelerates your understanding of the human dimension of your customers’ behavior. Our consulting experts bring your segment insights to life with rich profiling, embedding workshops and strategy sessions to drive impact. Our tactical tools include geo-targeting, customer and prospect data, digital audiences and more.


Our Experts

Steve Travers

EVP, MONITOR Analytics

Colleen Sharp

VP, MONITOR Analytics

Phoebe Murray

Consultant, MONITOR Analytics

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