Generations Matter and Why That’s Important

Age alone does not provide insight as to how consumers choose to fulfill the choices and necessities of lifestage. Generation does.

These generational mindsets, cured by the formative events experienced while the generation came of age, have shaped their values and have demonstrated staying power throughout their lifetime.

But while core values are reflected by each generation, they are not monolithic. And so we created MindBase®, to identify unique consumer segments and the attitudes and values that bind them as a generation but set them apart as individual cohorts

Projected onto a U.S. marketing database of 240+MM adults, MindBase can be linked to digital platforms and your own customer database for insight and activation.

MindBase Segmentation

MindBase®, the generational attitudinal segmentation built from the U.S. MONITOR, has been projected onto a marketing database of 240+MM U.S. adults for immediate activation on your CRM system and on-line and offline platforms.

Born 1979-1996

  • 17% New Traditionalists
  • 30% Ambitious Realists
  • 31% Trail Blazers
  • 23% Omni Explorers

Born 1965-1978

  • 60% Pragmatic Pathfinder
  • 40% Homefront Heros

Born 1946-1964

  • 30% Full Throttles
  • 53% Smooth Sailors
  • 18% Compassionate Creatives

Born Before 1946

  • 50% Tried and Trues
  • 50% Golden Agers

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How MindBase can help you achieve growth

A ready-made segmentation that can rapidly divine your target segments for greatest long-term growth, inform your strategic and tactical initiatives and accelerate your marketing ROI.

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