Humanizing the motivations driving behavior

A unique capability that leverages the U.S. MONITOR data to create a set of attitudinal variables that can enhance your understanding of—and engagement with—those consumer groups most important to your work.

MotiveMix defines 15 compelling attitudinal dimensions that deliver deeper perspective and insight into why consumers do what they do in the marketplace.

Add human-centric insights to your knowledge of consumer behavior to get a robust picture of your target consumer and what defines their priorities and compels their market behavior.

Projected onto a U.S. marketing database of 240MM+ adults, MotiveMix can can be linked to digital platforms and your own customer database for insight and activation.

MOTIVEMIX – Each dimension scores High/Medium/Low propensity for these mindsets

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How MotiveMix can help you achieve growth

Discovering the motivations of your consumers can inform strategies, drive more relevant messaging and pinpoint your targeting to find and engage with consumers who will deliver the greatest value.

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