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Sports MONITOR is a new subscription service offering sports marketers foresight about the future of sports fandom, culture, and participation.

Brands in and around the sports industry are challenged like never before to keep up with new competitors, emerging generations, and the evolution of sports in the culture.  But without reliable data and inspiring insights into the “why” behind sports fans’ attitudes and decisions, industry executives are left with little more than gut feel and guesswork. The resulting decisions about strategy, sponsorships, content, marketing, creative messaging, media and promotions too often fail to connect with the modern fan, often due to old ideas about who they are and why they behave like they do.

Sports MONITOR’s ongoing, syndicated data, insights and trends address the following strategic questions shaping the future of sports:

Questions we answer:

Which professional and amateur sports, leagues, or athletes are rising in popularity and represent an attractive partnership opportunity for my brand?

What do Millennial and Gen Z sports fans expect from a sports experience and how can brands engage and inspire them?

Which cultural and consumer trends are most relevant to avid fans of the NBA vs. fans of the NFL?

How do social issues like pay equity, athlete safety, and issues related to race change the way fans relate to teams, leagues, and athletes?

What are the need-to-know insights and opportunities associated sports gambling, video gaming, virtual or augmented reality, and more?

What new or innovative strategies and tactics are sports-centric brands employing to connect with the modern fan and athlete?

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