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Purpose 2020

Apr 2018

The Journey Towards Purpose-Led Growth


Purpose is one of the most misunderstood and misused business buzzwords today. 


Purpose-led companies can make a tremendous difference in the world. Businesses have the size, reach and trust it takes, and people expect companies to use this power for a good purpose. Purpose can drive growth, yet all too often this doesn’t happen.


Purpose 2020 outlines the multi-step journey it takes for a company to become truly purpose led—a proven framework to unlock the potential of purpose to generate growth and improve society.

The Three Steps to Becoming Purpose-Led


Purpose moves from a starting point to “matter more” to an end-point to “impact more.” That is to say that purpose begins as an isolated tactic that, properly shepherded, grows into a promise, then a strategy, and only then becomes a business-led movement.



ARTICULATION carries a brand from tactics to promise.


INFUSION then moves a brand from promise to strategy.


AMPLIFICATION gets a brand from strategy to movement.


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