Purpose 2020 and Purpose-Led Businesses

In this episode, co-host Andrew Curry interviews Kantar Consulting colleagues and brand strategy practice leads Robert Jan d’Hond and Leslie Pascaud about the business imperative of purpose and the Purpose 2020 framework for effectively creating and managing purpose-led brands.


2018 Corporate Longevity Forecast: Creative Destruction is Accelerating – Innosight
Purpose 2020 – Kantar Consulting
At Nike, Revolt Led by Women Leads to Exodus of Male Executives – New York Times
Noah Smith: How the Top 1% Keeps Getting Richer – Bloomberg View
Martin Guerriera: The 3 C’s of instant recognition and meaning – Kantar Millward Brown

Andrew Curry, @nextwavefutures, The Next Wave
J. Walker Smith, @jwalkersmith

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The New Feminism

In this episode, Kantar Consulting Director Elisa Birtwistle updates her groundbreaking 2013 report, Women 2020, in a wide-ranging interview with podcast co-host Andrew Curry.

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Talking PeaPod: Bryan Gildenberg’s interview with Spencer Baird, Chief Merchant

In a special installment of Retail Sound Bites, host Bryan Gildenberg talks strategy, ecommerce, shopper experience and more with Spencer Baird, Chief Merchant for Peapod.

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Key Trends and Predictions 2018

This week, host Bryan Gildenberg walks us through some of the key trends to watch in 2018, and a few predictions for the coming year.

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Follow the Money: Finding Growth in Uncomfortable Places

In the debut episode of 2018, host Bryan Gildenberg leads us through a discussion on how companies can shift with demand, follow the money, and find growth in uncomfortable places.

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The Retailization of Healthcare

In this episode, Kantar Retail’s Bryan Gildenberg and Director of Retail Insights Brian Owens meet with Alex Hurd of WalMart for a conversation about the future of Retail Health and Wellness, both at WalMart, and industry-wide.

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HSN Trends and Insights with Carmen Bauza

In this week’s Sound Bite, Carmen Bauza – Chief Merchandising Officer for HSN – joins host Bryan Gildenberg for a conversation about current and future trends and insights at HSN.

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Amazon Q2 Earnings Report Analysis 2017

In this podcast, Kantar Retail’s Chief Knowledge Officer Bryan Gildenberg offers some thoughts and analysis of Amazon’s second quarter earnings report.

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Amazon Acquires Whole Foods: What now?

In this week’s Sound Bite, Kantar Retail’s Chief Knowledge officer, Bryan Gildenberg offers some initial thoughts on the recent Amazon acquisition of Whole Foods.

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The State of eCommerce – The Bricks To Clicks Podcast

Kantar Retail’s Chief Knowledge Officer and Sound Bites host Bryan Gildenberg recently appeared on Content Analytics’ Bricks to Clicks podcast to discuss the state of eCommerce with host Dave Feinleib. We share that interview in this installment of Sound Bites.

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Previewing Kantar Retail’s eCommerce and Omnichannel Conference

In this episode of Retail Sound Bites, Kantar Retail Chief Knowledge Officer Bryan Gildenberg and SVP of Digital and eCommerce Reid Greenberg talk about all things digital and retail, including a preview of our upcoming eCommerce and Omnichannel Conference in April 2017.

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Prescribing Health and Wellness

In this episode of Retail Sound Bites, host Bryan Gildenberg speaks with Kantar Retail’s Director of Retail Insights Brian Owens about new trends in the health and wellness space, as well as the upcoming “Prescribing Health and Wellness” event.

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