Switching On Growth in Uncomfortable Places

A global business must prepare for a fragmented retail growth landscape. Our 2018 retail outlooks aim to help you understand important shifts through the lens of the U.S., European, and Global markets. In the U.S, for instance, about 45% of all retail growth will come from online, while half of the rest will come from clubs, prescriptions and convenience stores. On the other hand, drug and discount are the stars in Europe, with almost all growth coming from Central and Eastern Europe.

By utilizing a WHOLE Demand approach, which stresses the importance of a wide-angle lens view of growth, along with a human-centric understanding of what a shopper desires, retailers will be better suited to adjust to the new retail landscape.

The new approaches to achieving growth in 2018 and beyond will force you to fundamentally adjust strategies toward new scale, new value, and new influence. The retail shifts are in full swing—don’t get left behind.

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U.S. Retail Outlook for 2018

What does the year hold for U.S. Retail? Our 2018 predictions provide insights on macro, shopper, and channel trends and key retailers.

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European Outlook for 2018

Kantar Consulting’s predictions for retail in Europe in 2018 cover overarching trends and snapshots of the biggest retailers in the region.

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Global Outlook for 2018

What can we expect this year in global retail? Kantar Consulting’s 2018 predictions cover global themes, major retailers, and six continents.

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