Engaging Consumers in Today’s Evolving Healthcare Marketplace —  The volume of healthcare headlines is astounding: Wonky websites, crass politics, numbers enrolled and not, invincibles, insurance plans, deadlines and when you Google “Affordable Care Act”, more than 170 million different sites and articles pop up. Staggering.

After all, healthcare is about people. And now it’s transforming so that consumers have more decisions and control, whether they’re ready or not. In this new paradigm, consumers need to be effectively supported, educated and engaged about how to make good choices.

As marketers, we focus on lifecycle management and engagement. Every touch point should resonate with a customer’s needs and align with your brand value. The effectiveness of your efforts ultimately depends on how well you connect with, and engage people. It’s about delivering true relevance. This webinar explores the five keys to successful healthcare consumer engagement.

Steve Travers from Kantar Futures and Lindsay Resnick from KBMG Health, answer these questions and examine ways to effectively connect to people and be more “relevant” in today’s evolving consumer healthcare marketplace.