How employees can engage with high value work

The business case for high value work is straightforward: it creates value for everyone. Businesses, employees and society all benefit from high value work because it creates a culture of investment, in people, customers and equipment that increases productivity and performance. This is the fourth report from the Association for Finnish Work and Kantar Futures on the nature of high value work. It focuses on how employees can engage with high value work, and the ways they can influence their work environment to increase the value of the work they do. The previous publications in this series of four can be found here.

The crisis is only the latest factor to reshape the work environment. Two decades of globalisation have opened up new markets and created new sources of competition. The ICT revolution, which dates back to the 1970s, has both accelerated that global shift and continues to raise new questions about the future of work, as increasing numbers of jobs seem vulnerable to automation. Questions of economic growth are made more complex by the looming issues of resource scarcity and of global warming.

In this report we identify and explore four characteristics of high value employment; that it is:

  1. Internally Open: it fosters a culture of curiosity and experimentation
  2. Externally Open: it prioritises sharing and co-operation
  3. Technology Enabled: it uses technology to increase the value of its people
  4. People Facing: it focuses on points of personal engagement, especially with customers.

We expand on each of these in turn, looking at them through the lens of the employee’s experience of the business. Each section ends with a set of questions for employees about their business and how they engage with it.

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