We are at a generational inflection point. Although Millennials still dominate the discussion, it’s increasingly their younger siblings and children – the Centennials, born from 1997 onwards, experiencing their first taste of independent purchasing power and navigating their first steps into the workforce– who will be the real drivers of change.

Nowhere will that change be more dramatic than in Asia. By 2030, there will be more than 700m Asian Centennials. That’s 55% of the global centennial population, and more than double the population of the United States!

They’re already beginning to make their presence felt. From Malala Yousafzai to the new Instagram “beauty boys,” Centennials are tearing down barriers, redefining categories, and demanding society evolve for the better.

They are the Change-maker Generation, and understanding their key differences and values will be increasingly important for brands to thrive over the next decade.

Introducing Asian Centennials is designed to help you prepare for the changes happening in Asia, and understand what’s ahead. Click here to see how else we can help you profit from change.

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