How to futureproof your business model
in an uncertain world

The battle for growth and how to find it is the latest step on a journey we have been on with our clients over several years.

During the course of 2016, we were looking at the problems of slow growth and the impact that it had on our clients’ performance. This led — inevitably — to working with clients on strategic innovation, using our futures thinking and futures methods as a way to help people re-frame their thinking and see their growth and innovation challenges in new ways as referenced in Management Today.

The result is a fresh wave of thinking – identifying new approaches organizations can take to tackle growth and innovation challenges, looking right across the value chain.

Through an extensive review and analysis of different types of business models, and of business model innovation, we have identified that, at heart, there are four main archetypes of business model innovation.

Each of these four should have the effect of creating better customer relationships and increasing customer value. In a world where the impact of brands on value appears to be declining, and the value of customer relationships is increasing, this is a significant benefit.

On this page you’ll find interviews from business leaders, our new perspective on Business Model Innovation and content that will help you think about innovation in fresh ways and find new pools of growth.

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Innovating your business model – the Kantar Futures approach

Slow growth across most of the world economy means that business growth slows too. This creates new challenges for businesses as they try to maintain their return on investment, at a time when the returns on incremental innovation are slowing and other routes to growth are erratic and expensive.

Kantar Futures can help you move your business away from the shrinking value pool of traditional strategy, enabling you to innovate your business models and create new pools of demand. To find out more, and to learn about how Kantar Futures business model innovation approach can help your business, contact

In a world of slowing growth, companies will no longer be lifted by a rising tide of prosperity. They have to find their own routes to growth in a difficult environment. Business model innovation may be challenging. But for incumbents, it may also be the only game that is still left in town.

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