By Vicki Lai

Until recently, travel was considered a luxury for many. Today, 4 in 5 Asian travelers feel that travel is no longer a luxury but a necessity. With greater financial ability and wider options in flights and accommodation, the world’s largest travel market (Asia Pacific) will only continue to grow in numbers and in importance.

However, Asian travelers are not all the same. In this thought-leadership piece, Sabre Asia Pacific redefines travel in Asia with Kantar Futures. We go beyond standard segmentations to explore polarization in behavior and motivation. This uncovers a richer story of who Asian travelers are and how travel players (airlines, hospitality and travel networks) must stretch their potential to connect with consumers and lead the category.

Shaping Future of Travel

Getting Future-Ready

Travel agencies can

Airlines can

Hospitality players can

The travel landscape in Asia Pacific is experiencing change across different dimensions; and this change is rich in opportunities. To find out more about how Asian Travelers and the category will evolve in the future, please contact:

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