Presented by Aon Hewitt, National Business Group on Health and Kantar Futures

Every day we each take steps along our personal wellness journey. Those steps impact our personal lives, families and work. Sometimes we step forward. Other times, we step backwards or sideways, right? The wellness journey also impacts businesses because they are comprised of individuals on their unique journeys. Why is it important to take a closer look at the mindset of health consumers?

Bottom line: Better behaviors. Better health. Better outcomes. This report unpacks consumers’ perspectives in five critical areas that you may have responsibility for as a business professional working in the area of health. First, we look at consumers’ view of their own personal health, since it is the filter through which they make decisions about what you offer them. Then we look at the impact of the environment they work in through workplace wellness as well as the wellness programs and health plans they are offered. Finally, we get their take on a wide range of communication channels. You’ll learn about what jazzes, sidetracks and concerns consumers in today’s fast and furious health care world. You’ll also glean practical ideas to help you unleash your best possibilities for reaching and motivating your consumers most effectively.

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