Presented by Aon Hewitt, National Business Group on Health and Kantar Futures

Turning Struggle into Savvy. Top 5 New Insights

Progress. Change. Confusion. Frustration. Hope.

We’ve experienced significant change in health care in the seven years that Aon Hewitt has collaborated with the National Business Group on Health® (The Business Group) and Kantar Futures
to conduct the Consumer Health Mindset® Study.

With the complexities of the U.S. health care system, people find health care services more and more challenging to navigate. How can employers and their business partners deliver experiences that
give consumers the practical understanding—or savvy—to achieve greater outcomes for themselves and their organizations?

This study aims to find out. In it, we explore the health attitudes, motivations, and preferences of consumers across the U.S.—particularly employees and their dependents—as they use their employer sponsored health plans and wellbeing programs and maneuver through the broader health landscape. The study is based on the results of a comprehensive online survey administered in the U.S. by Kantar Futures. A representative group of 2,503 consumers completed this year’s survey.

This report captures the study’s top five findings, including insights into questions employers often ask about employees and their dependents:

What works?

What sidetracks?

Who’s unique?

This report includes charts that reflect the primary insights from the survey. In addition, we highlight unique perspectives from particular consumer segments and call out trends we’ve seen over the seven years we’ve done this survey.

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