The Kinship Economy CoverJ. Walker Smith, Executive Chairman of Kantar Futures

The Kinship Economy: Profiting from Process, People & Purpose

The consumer marketplace is in flux as never before; we’re not just talking about the struggling economy and its overhang of volatility, but the demographic hand-off from Boomers to Millennials and the technology shift to mobile and social. All of these things are coming together in ways that are fundamentally altering consumer priorities. There is no less interest in all things product, but there is even more interest in the process of getting what marketers has to sell. The future is an economy of social relationships, not brand relationships — it means facilitating personal engagement, not managing brand interactions. Trends and growth expert J. Walker Smith will explore the key pillars of this emerging marketplace and provide examples of ways that marketers can find success with new business models to guide advertising, customer service, lifecycle marketing, and new products.

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