FutureProof is Kantar Futures’ regular briefing about current global strategic and consumer issues.

The latest edition of Global MONITOR, our strategic, future focused global insights programme, has just been released It tells a story of a transition to a new world, of volatility and austerity, and of new relationships between consumers. In this edition of FutureProof we have taken several articles from the thinking in Global Monitor. Here, J. Walker Smith writes on the new volatility, and the opportunities than can be found on it. Michelle Singer examines the way in which consumers are now connected in different ways, and businesses will have to respond. And our regular Datawatch column takes a look at one of the striking pieces of data in Global MONITOR – the slump in ’emotional wellbeing’ over the last year. These are extraordinary times, and they demand radical responses. New ideas and perspectives will be the strongest currency

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