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Does your marketing team have what it will take to deliver in the future? Are you focused on the right skills, have you spotted the emerging gaps?

Overview of the Workshop

Date : Thursday 7th of November, 2019
Duration : Full day workshop
Location : Amsterdam office at the WPP Campus
Amsteldijk 166
1st Floor: Rooms 2 & 3

There’s no sign that the seismic shifts in how marketing works will settle down any time soon. What is harder to predict is which emerging skills will become critical, which long standing capabilities will retain relevance and what will engage the talent of the future. Equally, it’s estimated that 24% of marketing jobs will disappear in the next few years, are you planning for this?

With this in mind, Kantar have pulled together a huge amount of macro trend understanding to build a picture of what the future marketer and marketing organization might look like in 2025.
We’ve identified some marketing capability myths to bust and some scenarios of how the future could shape up. We’ll be sharing this with a small group of cross industry marketing and capability leaders and asking them to work with us to sharpen and stress test the thinking.

It’ll be a full day workshop on Thursday 7th of November covering:

#1 A review of future facing projections in seven key areas: Culture, Economy, Entertainment, Retail, Media Industry, Technology and Work
#2 Identification of the critical themes facing marketers (based on reviewing these outside in factors)
#3 Co-Creation of the implications for what skills and behaviors marketers might need over the next five years
#4 An opportunity to share best practices

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