FutureProof is Kantar Futures’ regular briefing about current global strategic and consumer issues.

This edition of FutureProof has sustainability as its main theme. This can be a difficult subject for businesses. Often they’re ahead of their customers in understanding its importance and its impact. Many have well-developed programmes to assess the footprint of their supply chains and production processes. Consumers, though, have not rushed to buy ‘green’ products for their own sake, and in the United States (though not elsewhere in the world) interest in and awareness of environmental issues has slumped. In the first of our two FutureProof articles, Fran Walton and Andrew Curry explore the ways in which markets can be – and have been – disrupted by innovation based on sustainable and ethical initiatives, and how to avoid being blindsided by this in your markets. In the second article, Hardin Tibbs looks at the scale of the coming resource challenges to our current business models, and sets out an approach to address these.

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