Introduction to the 2019 MONITOR Energies

Being on-trend—or even better, getting ahead of them—often separates market leaders from followers and disruptors from the ailing status quo. Understanding current trends is vital to jumpstart successful innovation, powerful positioning and true consumer-centricity. Kantar’s trends—the MONITOR Energies—are 40+ leading-edge cultural and consumer trends rooted in data, insights and on-the-ground intel.

Tune into our on demand webinar, as Kantar’s MONITOR team introduces some of our newest Energies for 2019, addressing key cultural and consumer currents such as:

• Sense(ability) – How attention to basic human senses is emerging as a newly nuanced focus in the battle for consumer attention

• (Super) natural – A look at consumers’ embrace of holistic wellbeing at the same time that natural ingredients are emerging as a proxy for good health, opening up new frontiers for well-being

• Human-Ware – How people are beginning to look for more harmonious ways to live with the technology in their lives – making tech more responsive, seamless and human

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