Brand & marketing

Our Brand and Marketing practice creates transformational insights, ideas, strategies and structures which help businesses unlock demand for brands. Change now occurs at warp speed and impacts every aspect of how people live and buy. This challenges companies to look beyond traditional sources and methods to drive growth.


At Kantar Consulting we believe that businesses have an unprecedented opportunity to find new sources of growth by harnessing the power of people, technology, data and digital to fulfill consumer needs before people even knew they had them.



We are a powerfully diverse mix of cultural, innovation and future experts, marketing, brand and organization consultants, data and marketing scientists, drawn from Kantar Futures, Kantar Added Value and Kantar Vermeer. We take a whole human approach to understanding the customer and the commercial opportunity, and a whole business approach to delivering your growth strategy through your people, brands and total customer experience.


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    Integrated strategy and activation, by design

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    Brand purpose, strategy & total experience

    Stand out brands know what they stand for

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    Foresight & trends

    We help you profit from change

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  • human-and-cultural-insight.jpg

    Human & cultural insight

    Activating growth by creating value in people’s lives and culture

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    Switching on growth through transformative business-building ideas

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    Organisational excellence

    Switch on growth by building leading-edge capabilities

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    Marketing ROI

    Connecting marketing decisions to short and long-term financial objectives

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