Brand & marketing

Human & cultural insight

Activating growth by creating value in people’s lives and culture

Businesses grow when they add value to culture and deliver meaning into people’s lives. The Human and Cultural practice uses innovative approaches to enable clients to intersect more powerfully with the world around them.


Behind every decision we make and action we take lie human values and cultural shifts. We empower clients not only to understand the nuances of this but most importantly we equip them to successfully intersect with culture in a way that triggers growth at every encounter. 

  • Fuel brand purpose and business strategy with a powerful understanding of human and cultural tensions
  • Make the leap from strategy to execution by mining culture for fresh expression
  • Activate your brand by creating content that is always relevant and meaningful in a fast changing culturally diverse world
  • Measure the value of your brand in culture and understand how to build it

Questions we help you answer

  • Strategy Shaper: Helping businesses understand the implications of the big issues that are shaping their world on people and culture

  • Tension Mining: identifying the ‘faultlines’ in culture and society where a brand purpose can drive the most impact

  • Cultural expression & localisation: Mining changing global culture to identify the freshest and most relevant ways of expressing an idea / harnessing an opportunity

  • Content Factory: Tuning into people’s lives and Culture to enable the creation of content that is relevant and meaningful in a fast changing, culturally diverse world

  • EVA and VIBE: Enhanced Visual Analytics and cultural VIBE analysis to understand the role your brand really plays in people’s lives and culture.

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