Brand & marketing

Marketing ROI

Connecting marketing decisions to short and long-term financial objectives

Today’s marketers are challenged like never before – forced to find growth in uncomfortable places while providing leadership with unprecedented financial accountability.  We use unparalleled access to data and analytics to translate marketing into $/€/£/¥.


As part of WPP, we use our access to consumer, media, brand, and financial data to provide the most complete picture of marketing impact. We go beyond superficial relationships to understand how brands build long-term value, helping our clients to secure, deploy, and re-allocate complex budget items.

  • Estimating total marketing impact to support short and long-term decision-making
  • Linking brand equity to increased sales and willingness to pay to support brand investment
  • Analysing complex branding options and marketing investment allocations to forecast future returns
  • Integrating with WPP’s consumer, brand, and marketing expertise while maintaining objectivity

Questions we help you answer

  • What is the total impact of my marketing and branding options or decisions?

  • What is my brand’s value? How can I grow my brand? How can I better monetise my brand?

  • What is the ideal marketing mix for my brand to maximise short-term sales and long-term brand value?

  • How should I allocate my media budget to optimise share, sales, or profit?

  • How much should I pay or demand for a sponsorship, licensing, or brand acquisition opportunity?

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