Retail, sales & Shopper


Converting insights into action to achieve eCommercial excellence

We help global brands and suppliers sell through, not to, online retail channels in order to meet the expectations of an increasingly connected shopper.


Our comprehensive 4E’s approach (e-xtra, e-quity, e-ngaged and e-mbedded commerce) covers everything you need to reach eCommercial excellence, regardless of where you are on your eCommerce journey.


Our key benefits are:

  • Providing an end-to-end view, from leading insights to implementable solutions
  • Leveraging the wider solutions and assets of Kantar (including insights from TNS & Worldpanel)
  • Trusted and impartial practitioners who have the specific expertise to help you

Questions we help you answer

  • Extra commerce is the area of our offer that answers the key question of; How can I ensure eCommerce drives incremental sales?

  • Equity commerce is the area of our offer that addresses online shopper understanding, specifically; How do I win with the connected shopper?

  • Engaged commerce is the area of our offer focusing on eRetailer engagement, answering; How should I work with third party eCommerce players to ensure eRetailer engagement and drive sales?



  • Embedded commerce is the area of our offer that looks at how best to equip your commercial teams to win in the new post digital world, answering; How can I equip my commercial teams and build my eCommerce Capabilities?

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