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Interactive virtual stores

Get to yes faster

Win at retail by cutting time and costs of innovation in half, using interactive virtual stores to efficiently collaborate, validate and win at shelf.  


Enables you to choose the best retail solutions and have them accepted by stakeholders and retailers. For leading retailers and suppliers, VR serves as the innovation engine to plan, research, collaborate and execute shopper-led innovation across their global organisations.

  •  Prove your retail solution before you launch in just 3 weeks – with Interactive Research
  •  Enable stakeholders to visualise and experience new retail solutions - with Interactive Collaboration
  •  Win more with retailers, gain category leadership – with Interactive Story-Selling
  •  Ensure what’s approved is what happens in stores - with Interactive Field Execution Guides

Questions we help you answer

  • How can I validate that my new shelf layout or POS solution will grow sales for my brand and category?

  • How can I transform my retailer collaboration to be more shopper and retailer focused and gain faster retailer agreements?

  • How can I ensure stores and my field sales team are able to perfectly execute the retail vision of success in store?

  • How can I identify incremental category growth, slash time and costs of category analysis and collaborate successfully at category reviews?

  • As a retailer, how can I quickly and efficiently design and redesign stores and categories to build better shopping experiences?

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